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Motels in Hollywood, FL

Motel Map
The map shows the locations of the motels within the city. If you click on a marker, you will get the motel name and address. If the motels are too clumped together or some are missing, use the controls on the left to zoom in and out of the map.

Motel Listing
You may click on the motel name for more information and a map of the motel location. Or you may filter the motels by city using the cities filter on the right side of the screen. If you don't see your city click on the full city listing for a list of all cities with motels in Florida.
Name Address City State Phone
Sunshine Motel 346 Palm St Hollywood FL (954) 923-2050
Dolphin Motel 342 Pierce St Hollywood FL (954) 922-4498
Royal Motel Apartments 1821 Thomas St Hollywood FL (954) 923-2500
Anchors Aweigh Motel Apartment 343 Walnut St Hollywood FL (954) 923-9127
Walnut Motel Apartments 333 Walnut St Hollywood FL (954) 920-5159
Ocean Terrace Motel 6040 N 4th Ter Hollywood FL (954) 922-4325
Coronet Motel 335 Desoto St Hollywood FL (954) 927-5841
Kenwood Lodge Motel 1700 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL (954) 923-8593
Ocean Inn Motel 3405 N Ocean Dr Hollywood FL (954) 923-0313
Elite Motel 1400 N 17th Ave Hollywood FL (954) 929-2337
Siesta Motel 1734 Mckinley St Hollywood FL (954) 927-5234
Sand Dunes Motel 1724 Mckinley St Hollywood FL (954) 920-0655
Adobe Hacienda Motel 1223 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL (954) 929-0389
Riptide Patio Motel & Tiki Bar 2300 N Surf Rd Hollywood FL (954) 921-7667
Entrada Resort and Motel 509 N Federal Hwy Hollywood FL (954) 923-4627
Nevada Beach Motel Apartments 322 Nevada St Hollywood FL (954) 923-1682
Sea Downs Apartment Motel 2900 N Surf Rd Hollywood FL (954) 923-4968
Longshore Motel 2710 N Ocean Dr Hollywood FL (954) 921-9603
Silver Spray Motel 2115 N Ocean Dr Hollywood FL (954) 922-3157
Delmar Motel Apartments 325 Arthur St Hollywood FL (954) 922-7587

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