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Motels in NY

Motel Listing
You may click on the motel name for more information and a map of the motel location. Or you may filter the motels by city using the cities filter on the right side of the screen. If you don't see your city click on the full city listing for a list of all cities with motels in New York.
Name Address City State Phone
Driftwood Motel & Cottages 2178 Montauk Hwy Montauk NY (631) 668-5744
Wave Crest Motel Old Montauk Hwy Montauk NY (631) 668-2141
Breakers Motel Incorporated 769 Old Montauk Hwy Montauk NY (631) 668-2525
Avalon Lake Front Motel Second House Rd Montauk NY (631) 668-5960
Shelter Island Resort Motel Shore Rd Shelter Isle Hts NY (631) 749-4005
Cozee Cove Motel 730 Bay Ave East Marion NY (631) 477-2123
Drossos Motel 69125 Main Rd Greenport NY (631) 477-1334
Silver Sands Motel 70930 Silvermere Rd Greenport NY (631) 477-0011
Sunset Motel 62005 Route 48 Greenport NY (631) 477-1776
Memory Motel 692 Montauk Hwy Montauk NY (631) 668-0041
Lido Motel 5 S Emery St Montauk NY (631) 668-3233
Montauk Motel 76 S Edison St Montauk NY (631) 668-2704
Neptune Motel 83 S Euclid Ave Montauk NY (631) 668-4582
Ronjo Resort Motel 55 S Elmwood Ave Montauk NY (631) 668-2112
Ocean Surf Motel 84 S Emerson Ave Montauk NY (631) 668-3332
Seascape Motel Montauk Hwy Montauk NY (631) 668-2788
Born Free Motel 115 S Emerson Ave Montauk NY (631) 668-2896
White Swan Motel 2nd House Rd Montauk NY (631) 668-3352
Shepards Beach Motel 107 S Emerson Ave Montauk NY (631) 668-6700
Zorba's Inn Motel Flamingo Rd Montauk NY (631) 668-5285

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