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Motels in NV

Motel Listing
You may click on the motel name for more information and a map of the motel location. Or you may filter the motels by city using the cities filter on the right side of the screen. If you don't see your city click on the full city listing for a list of all cities with motels in Nevada.
Name Address City State Phone
49'Er Motel 3045 Fremont St Las Vegas NV (702) 457-7877
Alamo Auto Motel Po Box 535 Alamo NV (775) 725-3336
Alamo Meadow Lane Motel Us Hwy 93 Alamo NV
Alamo Motel 245 Hillcrest Dr Reno NV (775) 826-2811
Allen Arms Apt Motel 3925 Coran Ln Las Vegas NV (702) 648-6296
Allens Motel 150 W Front St Battle Mountain NV (775) 635-5101
Alpine Motel 213 N 9th St Las Vegas NV (702) 385-5552
Anchor Motel 965 Sierra Way Hawthorne NV (775) 945-2573
Anchor Motel 965 E St Hawthorne NV (707) 945-2573
Apache Motel 407 S Main St Las Vegas NV (702) 382-7606
Arriaga Time Zone Motel 448 N Lake St Reno NV (775) 322-5151
Aspen Lodge Motel 265 S Main St Las Vegas NV (702) 438-5160
Bargain Motel 200 S 8th St Las Vegas NV (702) 382-1297
Barker Motel 2600 Las Vegas Blvd N North Las Vegas NV (702) 642-1138
Best Western New Western Motel 180 E St Las Vegas NV (702) 676-8876
Big Pillow Motel 778 4th St Wells NV (775) 752-2227
Black Jack Motel 2909 Fremont St Las Vegas NV (702) 382-8093
Blue Angel Motel 2110 Fremont St Las Vegas NV (702) 386-9500
Blue Star Motel 213 N 6th St Las Vegas NV (702) 413-0515
Boby Motel 2100 S Boulder Hwy Henderson NV (702) 565-9711

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