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Motels in Dallas, TX

Motel Map
The map shows the locations of the motels within the city. If you click on a marker, you will get the motel name and address. If the motels are too clumped together or some are missing, use the controls on the left to zoom in and out of the map.

Motel Listing
You may click on the motel name for more information and a map of the motel location. Or you may filter the motels by city using the cities filter on the right side of the screen. If you don't see your city click on the full city listing for a list of all cities with motels in Texas.
Name Address City State Phone
ABC Motel 9165 S Central Expy Dallas TX (214) 375-0447
All Season's Motel 3511 E Kiest Blvd Dallas TX (214) 946-5239
Aloha Motel 2835 E Illinois Ave Dallas TX (214) 374-1675
Anchor Motel 10230 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas TX (214) 358-3211
Apex Motel 4036 N Westmoreland Rd Dallas TX (214) 630-7116
Apollo Motel 6730 S Lancaster Rd Dallas TX (214) 372-5102
Avalon Motel 1015 Fort Worth Ave Dallas TX (214) 742-3356
Beltline Motel-Sun 13415 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas TX (972) 286-8122
Classic Motel 1126 E 8th St Dallas TX (214) 942-3872
Cole Manor Motel 7002 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas TX (214) 352-4838
Colonial House Motel 3103 Colonial Ave Dallas TX (214) 426-5169
Comfort Motel 1707 Fort Worth Ave Dallas TX (214) 742-5530
Cool Breeze Motel 3318 Irving Blvd Dallas TX (214) 634-2414
Dal Vista Motel 8241 C F Hawn Fwy Dallas TX (214) 398-0796
DFW Motel Supply 4220 Shilling Way Dallas TX (214) 745-8866
Embassy Motel 6123 S R L Thornton Fwy Dallas TX (214) 371-7519
Flora Motel 2838 Fort Worth Ave Dallas TX (214) 337-2327
Globe Traveler Motel 8504 S Central Expy Dallas TX (214) 371-3461
Hangil Motel 11301 Dennis Rd Dallas TX (972) 243-7199
International Motel Service 6715 Orchid Ln Dallas TX (214) 361-4441

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