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Motels in San Antonio, TX

Motel Map
The map shows the locations of the motels within the city. If you click on a marker, you will get the motel name and address. If the motels are too clumped together or some are missing, use the controls on the left to zoom in and out of the map.

Motel Listing
You may click on the motel name for more information and a map of the motel location. Or you may filter the motels by city using the cities filter on the right side of the screen. If you don't see your city click on the full city listing for a list of all cities with motels in Texas.
Name Address City State Phone
Executive Inn Motel 4522 S Presa St San Antonio TX (210) 532-7733
Fontana Motel 3414 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio TX (210) 736-4444
Fox Motel 302 Newell Ave San Antonio TX (210) 225-2418
Galaxy Inn Motel 1242 W Hollywood Ave San Antonio TX (210) 732-5800
Garden Inn Motel 2907 W Travis St San Antonio TX (210) 433-4833
Garden Inn Motel 3518 Sw Military Dr San Antonio TX (210) 927-0044
Gaspers Motel 5400 S Presa St San Antonio TX (210) 532-6991
Gaye Lee Motel 2253 Austin Hwy San Antonio TX (210) 654-7279
Hines Motel 110 Culberson Ave San Antonio TX (210) 921-1444
Kelly Motel 6221 W Old Us Highway 90 San Antonio TX (210) 675-1830
Krosh Ai Motel 112 E Pecan St San Antonio TX (210) 978-7430
Krosh-Al Motel 1130 Se Military Dr San Antonio TX (210) 923-7533
LA Siesta Motel 5410 W Old Us Highway 90 San Antonio TX (210) 433-2343
Lackland Motel 201 Whitewood St San Antonio TX (210) 674-5777
Laredo Motel 1224 New Laredo Hwy San Antonio TX (210) 922-0970
Matador Motel 3800 S Zarzamora St San Antonio TX (210) 927-1888
Mayfield Motel 934 New Laredo Hwy San Antonio TX (210) 923-7193
Midtown Motel 3838 Sw Military Dr San Antonio TX (210) 923-0011
Moonlight Motel 3419 Sw Military Dr San Antonio TX (210) 923-0900
Nu-Capri Motel 1718 Roosevelt Ave San Antonio TX (210) 533-2583

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