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Filter motels by known attributes. This is used because our current search solution is not very good about allowing users to find motels. We are in the process of working on a better search that will remove the need for this functionality. Another great option is to use our motel map search

Name Address City State Phone
Parkview Motel 2508 South Frederick Ave. Oelwein IA 319-283-3622
Big Seven Motel Po Box 759 Kings Beach CA (530) 546-2545
Covered Wagon Motel 885 Dartmouth Dr Reno NV (775) 273-2961
Mount Rose Crest Motel 2001 Victorian Ave Sparks NV (775) 331-2700
Ponderosa Motel 595 N Lake St Reno NV (775) 786-3070
Tarry Motel 1828 Victorian Ave Sparks NV (775) 359-3359
Silver Dollar Motel 2608 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-8949
El Nido Motel 2215 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-2711
Tahoe Sahara Motel Poplar South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-9028
Motel 500 500 S Center St Reno NV (775) 786-2777
Arriaga Time Zone Motel 448 N Lake St Reno NV (775) 322-5151
Star of Reno Motel 360 N Arlington Ave Reno NV (775) 323-0987
Seven Seven Seven Motel 777 S Virginia St Reno NV (775) 786-0405
Mill House Inn Motel 3251 S Carson St Carson City NV (775) 882-2715
Copper Inn Motel 307 N Main St Yerington NV (775) 463-2135
Reno 8 Motel 1113 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 786-6828
Northwood Pines Motel 8489 Trout St Kings Beach CA (530) 546-2338
Lamplighter Motel 4143 Cedar Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-2936
Capri Motel 895 N Virginia St Reno NV (775) 323-7979
Park Ave Motel 904 Park Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-3503

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