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Filter motels by known attributes. This is used because our current search solution is not very good about allowing users to find motels. We are in the process of working on a better search that will remove the need for this functionality. Another great option is to use our motel map search

Name Address City State Phone
Copenhagen Motel 3535 Fawn Way South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-6010
Cheryl's Motel & Apartments 447 Evans Ave Reno NV (775) 323-5429
Sutro Motel 1200 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 322-8124
Swiss Village Motel 1008 Fern Rd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-7473
Manzanita Motel 532 Emerald Bay Rd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-6400
Blue Lake Motel 1055 Ski Run Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-2399
Nugget Motel 651 N Stewart St Carson City NV (775) 882-7711
Ho Hum Motel 1025 S Virginia St Reno NV (775) 322-9630
Lucky Motel 1011 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 329-4477
Tahoe Motel 1650 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 322-1491
Seven Pines Motel Po Box 5021 Incline Village NV (775) 546-9886
Regency Apartment Motel 1150 W 2nd St Reno NV (775) 324-4448
Ranch Motel 7400 S Virginia St Reno NV (775) 851-1129
Reno Riviera Motel 395 W 1st St Reno NV (775) 329-9348
LA Bella Motel 3994 Pine Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-6408
Desert Sunset Motel 1435 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 329-5300
Pioneer Inn Motel 3863 Pioneer Trl South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-5728
Sunset Motel 2091 W 4th St Reno NV (775) 329-3004
Tahoe Manor Motel 1021 Park Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-4744
Flamingo Motel 520 N Center St Reno NV (775) 323-3202

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