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Filter motels by known attributes. This is used because our current search solution is not very good about allowing users to find motels. We are in the process of working on a better search that will remove the need for this functionality. Another great option is to use our motel map search

Name Address City State Phone
King Franklin Motel 3988 Pine Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-4281
Pioneer Trail Motel Moss Rd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-5705
Wayside Motel & Apartments 100 Linden St Reno NV (775) 825-7196
Trout Creek Motel 2650 Lake Tahoe Blvd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 542-2523
Yanks Resort Motel Hwy 50 South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 577-2000
Thunderbird Motel 4123 Laurel Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-5741
El Tavern Motel 1801 W 4th St Reno NV (775) 322-4504
Tombstone Territory Motel 2255 W 4th St Reno NV (775) 329-9462
Keno Motel 331 West St Reno NV (775) 322-4146
Sail-In Motel Apartments 861 Lakeview Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-8615
In Town Motel 260 W 4th St Reno NV (775) 323-1421
West Walker Motel 106833 Us Highway 395 Coleville CA (530) 495-2263
Crystal Range Motel 941 Emerald Bay Rd South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 541-1866
Donner Inn Motel 720 W 4th St Reno NV (775) 323-1851
Y6 Motel 8931 N Lake Blvd Kings Beach CA (530) 546-3036
Saint Francis Motel of Tahoe Stateline Ave South Lake Tahoe CA (530) 544-3377
HI Ho Motel 1233 E 4th St Reno NV (775) 323-5056
Swan Motel 501 N Lake St Reno NV (775) 786-1751
Tamarack Lodge Motel 2311 N Lake Blvd Tahoe City CA (530) 583-3350
Lariat Motel 304 Victorian Ave Sparks NV (775) 359-4805

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